Tuesday, September 7, 2010

missibaba bags

So as a boutique owner, I am constantly looking for new, up and coming designers to bring into Flock. A lot of times I get approached by designers and sales reps, and sadly most of the time it is not a good fit for Flock. Recently, however, I was approached by a lady who currently lives in Cape Town South Africa, and introduced me to the amazing and beautiful line Missibaba. Designed by Chloe Townsend, a graduate of London College of Fashion, she creates the most beautiful and unique leather bags and clutches. I find that with the stud and fringe trends happening (which don't get me wrong, I LOVE) but it does overlap with a lot of designers and we start to see too much of the same thing. What I really love about Missibaba is that this line is on point with the trends but stands alone in the execution of each piece. Since they are all hand made in this cute little Cape Town design studio, each piece is truly unique and as a buyer I get to custom design each piece that I bring in! From the hand painted color blocks hand stitched on, to the cut out birds and flowers, I have yet to see a piece I don't like. I really don't think I can do the line justice by explaining it so check out the photos and stop into Flock if you have a chance to see these beautiful pieces.

design stuidio

all photos via missibaba

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