Monday, July 12, 2010

love for vw buses

i have always loved vw buses and i was lucky enough to have purchased my very own 1965 splitty this summer. in my endless search for all things vw, i have stumbled upon some really amazing things. one of which is a website called snail trail.

this uk based company has a fleet of vw campers for hire and a select few for sale. the retro campers for hire are really amazing and are all special one of a kind buses. with names like Betty, Pearl, Flo, Elsie, Matilda, Nell, Pru, Dot, Gracie, Daphne & Ruby, you can be sure they all have a personality of their own. i so wish there was a snail trail near me so that my bus, tela, would have some friends to hang with.

meet nell (orange bus) and matilda (yellow)

xx Dani

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